Freelancing Means…

Freelancing Means…

Being able to write what you want.

Ferociously browsing the internet to come up with topic ideas.

Being able to do laundry on a Tuesday morning.

Always looking for work.

You have to think of new ideas all the time.

Being your own boss.

Endless possibilities. Continue reading


Aquaberry Bliss Shared Again by World Organic News!

Aquaberry Bliss’ post, Getting Your Growing Space Ready for Spring Part 2 has been picked up by World Organic News! Thank you to them for sharing our article.


From the article:

“Winter is the perfect time to plan and design your growing area. Planning your area will make gardening a lot more fun and problem free throughout the year. Place weed suppressing fabric under areas you do not want any plants to grow in the winter and it will save you many hours of pulling weeds in the summer. Continue reading

13 Friday Superstitions

Happy Friday the 13th!

Careful not to walk under a ladder, pet any black cats or break any mirrors!

Superstitions are cultural quirks that may seem irrational, but many of them have some basis in fact. Rather than being a mass-hallucination, some superstitions may serve as an evolutionary advantage.

Here are 13 common superstitions around the world.


What is a Superstition?

A superstition is an irrational behavior you feel naturally ingrained to do. Many times, superstitious behaviors are habits, not necessarily strong beliefs. Likely, superstitions you believe in are based on your culture, your past and if your parents believed in them. Children see their parents knocking on wood or throwing salt over their left shoulder and naturally replicate the behavior. Continue reading

Aquaberry Bliss Post Picked Up By World Organic News

Aquaberry Bliss’s post on Growing Groundcover Crops has been picked up by World Organic News!

AB groundcover

From the article:

“Covering your extra growing space with a groundcover can give the garden and the gardener many benefits. First, cover crops will block out sunlight and crowd bare soil preventing any invasive species or weeds from sprouting. The reduction in weeds also translates into less labor for the gardener and save a lot of time pulling out unwanted plants.” Continue reading

15 Negative, Creativity-Killing Phrases

When we’re pushing the boundaries of our creativity, negative reinforcement can mean the end of new ideas. Here are fifteen negative phrases that can kill our creativity and limit our growth.

Photo Courtesy of: Linus Bohman

Photo Courtesy of: Linus Bohman

The Importance of Creativity

Breaking out of the pack is something we each long to do. Being separated from the rest gives us something to be proud of, something to aspire toward. Losing your creativity can cause you to sink into depression, lower your goals and settle for less than you deserve. Continue reading