Freelancing Means…

Being able to write what you want.

Ferociously browsing the internet to come up with topic ideas.

Being able to do laundry on a Tuesday morning.

Always looking for work.

You have to think of new ideas all the time.

Being your own boss.

Endless possibilities.

Reading, reading, reading.

Writing, writing, writing.

Editing, editing, editing.

Having to be extremely organized.

You have to write quickly.

Making your own schedule.

Knowing about a lot of current events.

You are motivated enough to manage your own time.

Accepting rejection.

Not having a commute.

Coming up with quicker ways to do things.

Being creative.

You get to be who you are.

You’re brave.

You can pursue any passion you want.

Freelancing means…you know what you want to be successful. And chances are if you’re the type of person to choose this life, you will be.



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