How Caffeine Affects your Creativity

I know how it goes. A rough day at work, a busy morning, a late night and you reach for a cup of coffee. As someone who’s made a large part of my career in the industry of caffeine, I know the good the bad and the very ugly of the drug. From an irritable mood to caffeine withdrawal headaches, coffee can be your best friend and your worst enemy if you’re using it to enhance your performance at a creative job. Continue reading


2 Life Lessons from Adopting My New Dog

I adopted a new dog recently; he’s a young Border Collie named Loki. Although we’d been planning on getting a new dog for a long time, his arrival shook my world and interrupted the comfortable life routine I had built. While he’s brought love and happiness into my life, he also helped me learn a few things. Here are 2 life lessons from adopting a new dog. Continue reading

Why Aren’t Old Movies As Good Anymore? (The Flynn Effect)

Have you heard of The Flynn Effect? I recently saw an article that talked about this phenomenon which explains why many of the favorite movies you used to love now seem terrible and low-quality. I’ve felt this at one time or another; the acclaimed films I grew up on no longer felt bold, revolutionary or incited some emotional response from me. They were stale, flat and one-sided.

The Flynn Effect is a way to explain why. Continue reading

4 Ways to be More Productive

“Productivity” is a popular word thrown around by companies and HR reps, but we often forget what productivity can mean in our own lives when we don’t have a boss telling us what needs to be done. Living as an adult means the world is wide open for what you make of it, which means there are lots of options for success, but many options for failure. Time wasters are abundant, so managing your time and being as productive as you can be is important. Here are 4 ways to be more productive. Continue reading