Brontosaurus is Back!

Anyone who knows me is aware that dinosaurs (namely the mighty brontosaurus) are my absolute favorite! Dinosaurs have always intrigued and charmed me, from the adorable ‘Littlefoot’ from The Land Before Time to scientific documentaries that re-created the beasts in their reptilian (and feathered!) nature, fighting on the plains and chewing prehistoric grass in theContinue reading “Brontosaurus is Back!”

3 Toxic Ways of Thought to Drop Right Now

Sometimes we get held back by beliefs that can limit our growth and keep us down. Letting go of unhealthy and unnecessary behaviors will open your world to new potential and take you to greater heights. Here are 3 toxic ways of thinking that limit your opportunities, success and self confidence you should dump rightContinue reading “3 Toxic Ways of Thought to Drop Right Now”

2 Hidden Benefits of Daily Writing

If you have a skill, hold onto it as hard as you can and keep practicing until you are a master, Writing is no exception. Writing daily is like exercising. It works muscles you didn’t know you had, and the techniques need to be switched up frequently to avoid getting stale. Here are 2 greatContinue reading “2 Hidden Benefits of Daily Writing”