Another Aquaberry Post Shared by World Organic News!

I’m happy to share another Aquaberry Bliss post, A Beginner’s Guide to Transplanting Part 2, has been shared by World Organic NewsContinue reading


Brontosaurus is Back!

Anyone who knows me is aware that dinosaurs (namely the mighty brontosaurus) are my absolute favorite! Dinosaurs have always intrigued and charmed me, from the adorable ‘Littlefoot’ from The Land Before Time to scientific documentaries that re-created the beasts in their reptilian (and feathered!) nature, fighting on the plains and chewing prehistoric grass in the water.


So I was over the moon to learn that after the sad rejection of the Brontosaurus in favor of the Apatosaurus (they called it a misclassification,) the Brontosaurus is finally getting some more attention and research is pointing in the direction that it might just be a dinosaur after all. Continue reading