I was recently included in Business 2 Community’s article on the Future of Social Media in 2017! Here’s my advice:


  • We’ll see an increase in videos on social media platforms, specifically Facebook Live events. More companies are using this tool to connect with their fans and followers in real time, while also demonstrating their product, discussing news or providing a behind-the-scenes look at an exclusive event.
  • Images on social media will become even more important, as visuals are an excellent way to connect with followers and tell your brand’s story using more than words. Bonus points go to companies that use images that share people’s faces, which are prioritized higher on social algorithms,or to businesses that use visuals to showcase their employees, letting their audience get to know their team members on a more personal level.beth-mc-business2community-socialmediafuture-12-12-2016

Check out the article here!




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