Creative Social Media Posting – Business 2 Community

Not sure what your business should post on social media? Here are 11 creative ideas from me, which were shared on Business 2 Community! From the article: “I’m sure you hear it over and over again –post regularly on social media to leverage the power of your following, create brand ambassadors and increase your company’sContinue reading “Creative Social Media Posting – Business 2 Community”

Storytelling: A Global Challenge – CIO Korea

Crafting an interesting story is a global challenge. I’m thrilled to share my advice on storytelling was included in an article picked up by CIO Korea! From the article: “As you focus on SEO, your content becomes so full of keywords that you can not impress your readers as you forget the story. So, with theContinue reading “Storytelling: A Global Challenge – CIO Korea”