Colors can affect your mood, and ultimately your ability to produce great work and spark that creative drive. Incorporating colors strategically around your house and office space can get your creative juices flowing and influence your life positively. Control your mood using these colors for the purposes you are looking for!

Colors and Their Influence on Mood

Red: Helps with your memory and ability to retain information. It sparks your brain to remember events, details and dates. This color can help you with proofreading tasks and anything that requires detail. Red is associated with danger, so your mind will be put into higher alert and make sure you aren’t missing things.

Orange: Orange is the best color to paint a workout room because it makes you feel motivated and inspired. You will feel more confident working out in an orange room and it will give you more energy. Orange is also good for the kitchen and creating tasty culinary concoctions.

Yellow: Yellow makes you feel inspired and more trusting of your environment. You’re likely to feel calmer in a yellow space, but it won’t be the best for creative tasks. Yellow is better for motivation, forward growth, and personal development.

Green: Sparks innovation and encourages you to create new things. Think inventions and new ways of doing things. The color green helps you imagine and string new ideas together. A great way to achieve this is to have lots of living plants around you.

Blue: Blue is the favorite color of the majority of people because it brings feelings of peace and quiet. It’s the color of the ocean and the sky, which can encourage daydreaming. Not surprisingly, the color blue can help you think creatively and start new projects.

Purple: Purple used to be the color royalty used to symbolize prestige. Purple can affect your mood by making you more confident. It encourages group cooperation, so it’s a good color to paint a work space. It will add feelings of comfort, inclusiveness, and innovation.

What’s your favorite or most motivating color?


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