If you’re telling yourself any of these 15 things, you need to stop. Immediately.

When we’re pushing the boundaries of our creativity, negative reinforcement can mean the end of new ideas. Here are fifteen negative phrases that can kill our creativity and limit our growth.

The Importance of Creativity

Breaking out of the pack is something we each long to do. Being separated from the rest gives us something to be proud of, something to aspire toward. Losing your creativity can cause you to sink into depression, lower your goals and settle for less than you deserve.

15 Creativity-Killing Phrases

  1. I don’t like that.
  2. I do it differently.
  3. That’s wrong.
  4. I don’t think this will work.
  5. It’s always done this way.
  6. This isn’t what we hired you to do.
  7. Just do your job.
  8. This conversation doesn’t pertain to you.
  9. Just expect less.
  10. Try something more practical.
  11. I doubt we can try something different.
  12. Why would you try this?
  13. Is this what you’re supposed to be working on?
  14. No one will approve this.

    -And my least favorite-

  15. Just go with the flow.


Have you heard or told yourself any of these phrases? Do you think it limited your creativity?


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