If you have a skill, hold onto it as hard as you can and keep practicing until you are a master! Writing is no exception. Writing daily is like exercising. It works muscles you didn’t know you had, and the techniques need to be switched up frequently to avoid getting stale. Here are two great benefits of carving out time each day to write, even for a short amount of time.

2 Surprising Benefits of Writing Every Day

1. Feel More Confident

Daily writing can help make you smarter and more confident. Writing and stringing together words in a unique pattern is a skill, and art and a struggle. Triumphing at the end of a tough writing task makes you proud and confident in your abilities. It will take a ton of bad writing in order to produce good writing, so you’d better get started!

2. Feel the Power of Creation

Creating something and having your name attached to it isn’t just something for schoolchildren to enjoy, it’s essential for all people to feel they have contributed and made their mark on society. It’s normal human nature to want to create something and feel a sense of pride and accomplishment.

If you aren’t a writer by trade, you can still reap the benefits of daily writing. You don’t need to write dissertations or novels on the daily. A few paragraphs a day is enough to get your creative muscles working and your writing skills honed.

Start by creating a personal journal and write whatever you want in it. Or start a blog. You don’t have to have an audience to become a writer, you just have to have something to say!

I personally write at least one poem or do a free-write every single day, no exceptions. I enjoy it and it makes me a better writer!

Follow me on Instagram @edgeofelizabeth to read my poetry, and learn about my books here.

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