I know how it goes. A rough day at work, a busy morning, a late night and you reach for a cup of coffee. As someone who’s made a large part of my career in the industry of caffeine, I know the good the bad and the very ugly of the drug. From an irritable mood to caffeine withdrawal headaches, coffee can be your best friend and your worst enemy if you’re using it to enhance your performance at a creative job.

Caffeine and How it Affects Your Creativity

Distraction and Adrenaline

I’ve found that when I turn to caffeine to help me get my work done, the opposite happens. I find myself more easily distracted, irritated and my brain thrown into overdrive. Not exactly the best combination for writing.

The second issue that begins to kick in after a cup of joe is the adrenaline. Caffeine shoots this through your brain and bloodstream, making you feel more intense. This adrenaline can be a good way to jumpstart your day, but if you sip it all day long, you’ll end up more exhausted than when you began. Running on high levels of adrenaline all day sucks your energy and leads to wild and erratic mood swings.

Sleep Deprivation

One of the most important parts of your day is sleeping. The brain needs uninterrupted quality time to recharge and caffeine knocks your body off its regular time schedule. Unless you time your cups of coffee perfectly to align with your day, you’ll find yourself tossing and turning at night trying to fall asleep.

Coffee can be a delicious beverage to wake you up in the morning, but sometimes a cup of tea and a brisk morning walk can be just as effective.

Do you drink coffee at work? How does it affect your creative performance?

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