Sometimes we get held back by beliefs that can limit our growth and keep us down. Letting go of unhealthy and unnecessary behaviors will open your world to new potential and take you to greater heights. Here are three toxic ways of thinking that you should dump right now because they limit your opportunities, success, and self-confidence.

3 Toxic Beliefs to Avoid

  1. The Belief That You’re Too Busy

These days, busyness has become a badge of honor to wear, a way to socially identify yourself as superior to others. Being “too busy” is a way to brush off life and responsibilities you’d otherwise ignore. In our fast-paced world, busyness has become a sickness that’s easily treatable with an attitude adjustment. You can have a day packed full of responsibilities and work and still hold a carefree attitude. You’re a capable person, and it’s about trusting yourself to be organized and motivated enough get everything done in a day. On the other side, don’t hold yourself up to impossible standards or run yourself ragged trying to keep an impossible and unattainable productivity pace.

  1. The Belief That the Future is Determined by the Past

Many times, we let the failures and sadnesses of the past affect our trajectory in the future. This belief is toxic to your happiness and success. It’s important to wake up each day and remember each morning is a new opportunity to act on healthy habits and make something of yourself. Life is a marathon, not a sprint and you’ll always be wishing you started a project yesterday. Why not make that today?

  1. The Belief that You Aren’t In Control

Whether you’re placing the control of your life on a friend, family member, or supernatural force, it’s important to remember you’re the one in control of your life on Earth. Even if you’ve been controlled or taken advantage of in the past, never forget that your happiness and success are your own responsibility.

Believing you’re too busy, held back by the past or out of control can all limit your success and impact your self-worth. Letting go of these beliefs will free you and empower you to be the best you can be.

Have you recently let go of any toxic beliefs? What do you think was holding you back?

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