As a Regional Brand Ambassador, I completed the following tasks:

  • Executed on-premise beverage events & activations, achieving a sales conversion rate of 4 customers per hour
  • Focused on reaching local markets & new demographics for brands including Bacardi, Grey Goose, JUST CHILL, Humm Kombucha & Bridgeport Brewing

As Student Brand Manager for Red Bull North America, I accomplished the following:

  • Built a plan to impact 20% of Washington State University’s 26,000 students in 8 months, increasing sales by 11% in Eastern WA
  • Created a new local activation, “Red Bull Fade,” which promoted the Red Bull Editions product line
  • Organized events including: Red Bull Rampage 2012, Red Bull Stratos 2012 Red Bull Air Drop 2013, Red Bull Play & Destroy, Red Bull Chariot Race, Movie Premiere ‘We’
  • Secured a campus bar contract; balanced weekly product orders and stayed within budget
  • Converted 3 Greek houses to “Red Bull only” parties
  • Published Best Practice reports in the Red Bull University forum
  • Generated local media coverage, driving readership of The Red Bulletin magazine


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