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“You’re very brilliant. You capture universal truth, and boil these complicated, unexplainable things down to simply stated things.”

“I love this so much! It’s the perfect amount of attraction, flirtation and mesmorization”

“Words with such weight to them – great word economy and so many potential layers of meaning.”

“Such a beautiful and cute piece. You always knock it out of the water”

“So many devices here in such a small bundle. An H. Bosch canvas in words.”

“Definitely love the music vibe to this lovely piece”

“I LOVE THIS!! The imagery paints such a vivid picture I can feel your writings. Wow.”

“The poetry is gripping and filled with real soul”

“Imaginative and always soulful”

“Delicious bites of poetry and a unique style”

“Such enchantment behind the blurred lines”

“So cute and powerful. I absolutely love your poetry!”

“I am such a fan of your artwork and words. I LOVE this”

“You’re multi-faceted and talented all around. Keep on translating those feelings”