‘3 PR Lessons from a Netflix Crime Show’ Featured on PR Daily

My article, 3 PR Lessons from a Netflix Crime Show was featured on Ragan’s PR Daily.


From the article:

“Crime documentary shows and programs are popping up all over the internet, radio and television as of late, and the recent release of Netflix’s crime documentary, “Making a Murderer,” is no different. Its success however, has come greatly in the form of online commenting and theorizing from fans on various platforms. In addition to consuming the lives of many binge-watchers, for PR pros, the series—which follows the story of Wisconsin’s Steven Avery, who was charged with what many are calling an unjust murder in 2011—brought to light a few lessons in storytelling. Here’s how Netflix’s “Making a Murderer” relates to public relations.”

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‘3 Ways PR Pros can Maintain a Positive Brand Reputation’ featured on PR Daily

My recent post, ‘3 Ways PR Pros can Maintain a Positive Brand Reputation’ has been featured on PR Daily!


From the article:

“Managing your organization’s reputation is important to avoid potential crises and negative publicity.

There are several things you can do online to make sure you brand’s image remains top-of-mind and is shown in a positive light.

Being proactive to optimize content and stay on top of potential negativity can help you stay ahead of the game.

Here are three reputation management tips to keep your brand’s online image positive.”

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‘3 Reasons for Failed Pitches’ Featured on PR Daily!

My article, ‘3 Reasons for Failed Pitches’ has been featured by Ragan’s PR Daily!


From the article:

“Contacting journalists and getting your brand placed in a story begins with writing a pitch.

Crafting a message that is strong and interesting can be a challenge—and there are several mistakes that many PR pros make during the process.

Here are three common pitching foibles, along with how you can fix them:

1. Hogging the spotlight

Though you are writing a pitch to introduce a journalist to your brand and share why they should cover your story, don’t make the mistake of making it all about you.

Instead of touting all of your organization’s or client’s recent accomplishments and introducing outstanding new product offerings, make the pitch about the journalist and their readers. Share why your story will benefit them; you’ll be more likely to catch their attention.”

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Story originally written for Three Girls Media.

“3 Content Marketing Lessons from ‘BoJack Horseman'” Featured on PR Daily!

My article, 3 Content Marketing Lessons from ‘BoJack Horseman’ was featured on Ragan’s PR Daily!


From the article:

“The creators of “BoJack Horseman” did a great job of weaving BoJack’s reality and the real world together. In addition to clever social and cultural references in the form of characters, street banners or satirical scenes, an episode of the show features a flash on the television of a character entering Litchfield Federal Penitentiary. Binge watchers of Netflix know this place well, since it’s the setting of another original series, “Orange is the New Black.”

If you create amazing content, make sure you link it together in appropriate places so your fans and customers can easily find it. Cross-promote blog posts, updates and articles on your social media channels for maximum success.”

Article written for Three Girls Media.

Check it out here on Ragan’s PR Daily.

Brontosaurus is Back!

Anyone who knows me is aware that dinosaurs (namely the mighty brontosaurus) are my absolute favorite! Dinosaurs have always intrigued and charmed me, from the adorable ‘Littlefoot’ from The Land Before Time to scientific documentaries that re-created the beasts in their reptilian (and feathered!) nature, fighting on the plains and chewing prehistoric grass in the water.


So I was over the moon to learn that after the sad rejection of the Brontosaurus in favor of the Apatosaurus (they called it a misclassification,) the Brontosaurus is finally getting some more attention and research is pointing in the direction that it might just be a dinosaur after all. Continue reading