Published Poetry Books

Elizabeth Adan is the author of six published poetry books 


Like Paper Feathers

Copy of Kindle cover LikePaperFeathers.BookCover.10.7.2019 (1)

Magic grows in the enchanted garden, sparking a ray of light in the darkness.

Elizabeth Adan’s thoughtful poetry brings an exploration of body, mind, spirit, and nature through small open windows of intention and light. Into the universe go wishes, magnetic magic, and an intense longing for the meaning of life using lyrical imagery and dancing, alliterative word choice.

This elegant collection of poems explores the ideas of:

  • Searching for answers in the stars
  • Finding joy in communion with living creatures
  • Taking and wasting chances
  • Holding community close during times of uncertainty
  • Finding the ultimate feeling of home even with a broken compass

Celebrate fleeting moments of nature, consider the boundaries of gendered relationships and what we owe each other, and find empowerment from within.

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No Roots

FINAL NoRoots.BookCover.10.14.2019

Roots. They give life to plants, they ground us to place, they branch and intertwine. Roots connect us to all forms of life and they connect us to each other.

What are we without roots? What are we doing each day to strengthen our roots?

Elizabeth Adan’s poetry brings an exploration of happiness, compassion, and appreciating nature with a zen mind using lyrical imagery and dancing, alliterative word choice.

This thoughtful collection of poems explores the ideas of:

  • How to see magic all around us
  • Forming meaningful relationships with others
  • Reflecting on the passage of time
  • Connecting spiritually with plants and animals
  • Mind expansion through honoring the moon and stars

With No Roots, you’ll be able to embark on the processes of becoming whole, finding your roots, living in your dream world, and celebrating the joy of being alive.

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Limits of Mustard Infinity


Exploratory natural image poetry with original beautiful black and white artwork on almost every page! Whimsical nonsensical elements with alliterative spirit mix with deeply open-ended questions about what it means to be human, how we interact with our environment and the world around us, and how we treat each other.

our confusions turn us into dreamers…
he runs to the limits of mustard infinity
(this is the place at the center of everything)
control dominion imperialism,
rainbow railroad elements,
space and time and prejudice,
integration and expectations, and healing
the sky erupts into toxic red opium
and I am quivering again

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Made of Magnets

Copy of Copy of Copy of MadeOfMagnets.BookCover.10.9.2019

What is it that draws us to one another, and what keeps us there? Could it be that we’re all made of magnets, unable to fight the pull toward others? 

Elizabeth Adan’s lyrical poetry is thought-provoking and honest, as she dissects the past, present, and future of relationships through whimsical poems.  

Made of Magnets offers a raw look at: 

  • Past and present passions 
  • The boundaries and limitations of the truth 
  • How it feels when your face turns red with romance 
  • Dangerous love 
  • The refreshing feeling of new beginnings 

Don’t miss this beautiful reflection of what love looks like when it shatters on the pavement, and what it feels like when it’s strong enough to move mountains.

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The Hot Thoughts

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Smoke turns to fire, and the flames dance. The Hot Thoughts are the ones that light your mind aflame and leave your heart burning.

This confessional-style poetry book explores what happens when the hot thoughts of memory, loneliness, and love burn you up.

What will rise from the ashes?

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Seasonal Poetry Releases

Cheers Over Eggnog


we made a habit of wine / and classical music / a daylong space / dedicated to the sound / and the secrets / you’re invited / save the date

Sprinkle a little magic and tinsel on your holiday season with Cheers Over Eggnog, a seasonal release from lyrical poet Elizabeth Adan.

From cooking with cinnamon and hanging ribbons, to kissing under the mistletoe and watching the lights flicker on decorated houses, these words will bring you joy and spark poignant reflection in the cold winter months.

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