4 Ways to be More Productive

“Productivity” is a popular word thrown around by companies and HR reps, but we often forget what productivity can mean in our own lives when we don’t have a boss telling us what needs to be done. Living as an adult means the world is wide open for what you make of it, which means … Continue reading 4 Ways to be More Productive

On Colors and Creativity

Colors can affect your mood, and ultimately your ability to produce and be creative. Incorporating colors strategically around your house and office space can get your creative juices flowing and influence your life positively. Control your mood using these colors for the purpose you are looking for. Colors and Their Influence on Mood Red: Helps … Continue reading On Colors and Creativity

15 Negative, Creativity-Killing Phrases

When we’re pushing the boundaries of our creativity, negative reinforcement can mean the end of new ideas. Here are fifteen negative phrases that can kill our creativity and limit our growth. The Importance of Creativity Breaking out of the pack is something we each long to do. Being separated from the rest gives us something … Continue reading 15 Negative, Creativity-Killing Phrases