I’m thrilled to share my top Instagram poetry pieces from March 2020:


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Two part poem "how to save us" from @amykaypoetry social distancing prompts! #stayhomewritepoems how to save us how to save you soft contact and clay smooth lotion on the massage table, fingers like rolling pins easy breath nights and whatever's left in the pantry (plus cold milk) sweet cream peach pie music and blue bunch grass forests held together by fiddle strings and ponderosa pines the crash of hammers and axes on woodpiles long sleeve neon tees stretched heavy across the pillows like half moons and sleep for hours, hours how to save me soft words and open hearts to climb inside and hide in creamy paint strokes on solid splinter wood against the beating red walls wide open wheat fields in forgiving gentle sun rays that beg me to stay longer bathing sweet almond oil on my hair my lips the tips of my toes the poking daffodils who show no fear to enter the world right now

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daily reminder to love and take care of each other! "the echoes" prompts I used: #pokemarch #pokemarch20 #pokemon #pokemongo @kyun_sky dragon #springpoetrymiracles @annesparow @lipstickandmiracles strangest sea #nyxblueprompts @nyxbluepoetry we danced @dailypromptdraw #dailysketchprompt an upside down room the dragon in the darkness whispers and his breath floats toward me in huge misty currents over the top of the strangest sea the night sky feels wet so I scrape the pan while it's still hot (gotta catch all these circling currents) and we danced on the floor in an upside down room where I swear I can still hear the echoes of your voice humming the familiar tune

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