Advice for Repurposing Content

Beth Adan of NisonCo echoed Kohr, saying, “I like to take sentences from blog posts or press releases and turn them into visually-appealing imagery. I’ve created as many as 15 images from a blog post in the past. If you do this every time, you’ll get into a habit of repurposing and begin to save yourself time and effort.”

Expert Opinion on Effective Marketing Meetings

Beth Adan of NisonCo PR & Marketing shares, “Rather than overwhelming clients with a vast amount of reporting data, you should break it down for them into a storyline that speaks directly to their goals, and show them how the data measures up. This way, you can track where performance does and doesn’t measure up to target your efforts for the next month of the campaign.”

Quick Twitter Marketing Tip 2020

“Video has increased exponentially over the past few years on social media, and Twitter is no exception,” Beth Adan, Director of Marketing a NisonCo PR describes, “Companies are using this tool to connect with their fans and followers in real-time. while also demonstrating their product, discussing news, or offering a behind-the-scenes look at exclusive events.”

Green Office: 4 Benefits of Plants in Your Workspace

Working from home allows me to create a workspace specially tailored to suit my preferences, which translates into lots and lots of houseplants. Filling your space with the bounty of nature can also bring benefits beyond just beauty. Here are four benefits of having plants in your workspace. 4 Benefits of Plants in Your Work … Continue reading Green Office: 4 Benefits of Plants in Your Workspace